Welcome to the resource centre for people wanting to find out more about Dr Aron and his ground-breaking treatment! He treats sufferers of eczema all around the world using telemedicine, and has had incredible results with an almost unbelievable success rate. On this site, you will find information about how the Aron Regimen works, patient blogs & vlogs, case studies, links to press articles & TV interviews, support groups and more.

This site, and all blogs and social media accounts dedicated to the Aron Regimen, are run by patients or parents of patients whose lives were so transformed by the Aron Regimen that they wanted to use all this new, itch-free time on their hands to volunteer to help spread the word and try to convince medical professionals to think differently about how they approach this chronic condition. Therefore, please remember that this is not a direct line to Dr Aron, but if you have any questions we are always happy to help. The best way to get a quick answer is to follow the open Facebook Info Page or to request to join the closed Facebook Group for current and prospective patients and then search the group and post your question if it hasn’t already been asked.

Please note that due to the huge global demand for the Aron Regimen, and the fact that Dr Aron is only one man (plans to clone are well under way), he has to take periodic breaks to ensure that the number of patients that he is currently treating is manageable and safe. Please join the closed Facebook Group to find out upcoming opening and closing periods.

The compound is only half of the magic of his treatment; his advice on how to taper and overcome obstacles is paramount to the Aron Regimen’s success. If you have a dermatologist that would be interested in learning from Dr Aron, please inform an admin on the Dr Aron Eczema Treatment Discussion Group on Facebook.

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